SO. The mothers have had their day and now it’s time for the dads to come through. This is typically a time of the year when single moms and fatherless kids bubble with resentment. However, we can’t take the credit and shine away from the men that are making it happen for the people around them. One of the best ways to show appreciation is through gift giving, but the question is, what do you get the special man in your life? Below are three Father’s Day gift idea that he’ll never forget. 

A Gadget 

Although this is a stereotype, men are said to be gadget lovers and if the man in your life happens to be one, get him a gadget he won’t forget. I enjoy buying people gifts that meet a need as well as one they’ll use for years to come. Here are a few gadgets that likely won’t go out of fashion because of their purposefulness. 

Watch: If you know that the man in your life would appreciate a watch, perhaps consider buying him one. The hard part then becomes choosing a watch to buy as there are only about ten billion on the market. Think about whether he’s prefer a smart watch which is likely if he’s the fit type. If he’s more of a classic guy, then you may want to get a luxury watch and inscribe a nice message on the back of it. Some of the best-selling watches for menthis year have been the Bulova Special Edition Moon Apollo Lunar Pilot Chronograph or the Casio G-Shock GA100. We already know that everyone is obsessed with the Apple watch too so I’m not even going to mention it fam. *side eye*

Tablet: Another gift idea to consider would be a tablet. This is ideal if the man in your life is technology forward and enjoys watching videos or working on the go. There are tons of tablets out there, so think about the features that he would most appreciate. Some great business tablets include the Apple iPod Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 or the Microsoft Surface Pro. Compare prices and features and think about which best suits your guy! 

Smart Tech: For those who know technology freaks, consider getting them some kind of smart tech. this could include a Smart TV or Alexa operated speaker. The only thing about getting tech gifts for a technology lover is they’re always ready to move on to the next best gadget and yours may fall to the wayside after some time. 

Obviously, there are a trillion other gadgets you could get, so I would advise that you stick to something that you knwo they’re likely to use.

Customized Poem 

These days, people tend to be so focused on material things that they forget the power of sentimental gift. I’m not saying that material gifts can’t hold sentimental value too, but they don’t always penetrate as deeply.

Think about getting your dad a customized poem that expresses how much you love him in words. This is especially a great gift if you aren’t the best writer and need someone to put what you’re feeling into words for you. For those who think poems are just for women, that is far from the truth! Poetry is a way of expressing yourself and men like to be told how much they’re loved too. 

Quality Time 

For those who feel cheated about the last tip, yes quality time is a gift. And no it doesn’t always have to be free. Men are humans and they appreciate quality time as well. Plan a day out with your dad, husband or father figure and put thought into the activities you’ll do. Think about activities they enjoy or things they’ve always wanted to do. Spend the day laughing, talking and experiencing something new together. These are memories that he will always look back and smile on. 

Some quality time ideas include going to an adventure park, taking him on a surprise trip to a nearby city or setting up a pamper day. If your guy is usually the breadwinner, try paying this time around. And yes, it still counts as paying even if you’re using his money. 

Try not to make the mistake of taking him to do something YOU would love. Think about when he’s the most happiest and try recreating those moments.

No matter how insignificant we want to make the role of men in this world, it doesn’t make it a truth. Men contribute something unique to the world so they deserve all of the Father’s Day poems that we can write. They deserve praise for protecting us, for holding us up, for carrying our burdens and making them light. Happy Father’s Day in advance to all of the honorable men out there. You are loved.