What is good my thug life butterflies! In between watching 90 Day Fiancé and marveling at the peculiar people on the show and their eccentric behavior. I’ve also been having a series of motivational thoughts as of late. After a long battle with depression, I finally feel like I’m coming out on the other side and am ready to evolve into the multicolored psychedelic bohemian butterfly that I am. As a new mother, I’ve also been thinking a lot about the many other mothers out there who may be stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed on a daily basis. I speak to many often and realize that there are a few common complaints that most women who play these roles have. 

However, rather than complain about it, I’ve been exploring potential solutions. In all honesty, there are very few tangible solutions, but the most functional one inspired the title of this article. On that note, I decided to write an article about why every mom needs financial freedom. 

Realize That it’s Something You Need 

If you want to live life on your own terms, you’ve got to be financially free. The only exception to this rule is the monks, priests, and nuns so if you don’t fit into that category, I suggest you continue reading. If you don’t believe that you need financial freedom, I’ve got a few fun facts that might interest you. For one, you probably already know that women are more vulnerable to poverty than men are and in this context, factors such as earnings, pension income, social security, and benefits are used to measure poverty.

  • Over half of all poor children (56.2 percent) lived in families headed by women.
  • More than one in eight women, more than 16.9 million, lived in poverty in 2015

Since I took a module on poverty and development back in my undergrad days, I was able to learn that poverty is a complex matter and is measured in different ways. However, I’m sticking with the UN poverty line which is $1.90/day.

We also know that statistics aren’t absolute as it’s dependent on your sample size, the accuracy of the data collected and also differences in cultures. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that as a woman, you’re already more likely to be poor, so one of the only ways to beat that statistic is to be financially free. 

Stop Moaning and Start Planning 

One of the first enemies of progress to mothers all over the world is the moaning.  On that note, one of the first ways to attain financial freedom as a mother is to stop moaning, embrace motivational thoughts and start planning instead. I speak to so many moms on a daily basis who complain about not having enough time to spend with their kids, being overwhelmed by daily responsibilities, and not having enough money. It is also key that as a woman that you realize that whether you’re single or married it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to be in control of your finances!

Seeing as at least half marriages end in divorce anyway, you want to be sure that it doesn’t take that scenario to make you start effectively managing your finances. Don’t be one of those women whose attitudes towards finance are still stuck in the patriarchal past which means ‘investment’ is probably a dirty word to you and you’ve never thought that creating a five year financial plan had anything to do with you as a woman.

You should know that it has everything to do with you and your wellbeing. Learning about and developing financial skills is also something that you need as a parent as it’s a key skill that your kids need. You owe it to the little ones to teach them how not to live a broke life. Some elements to think about including in your plan are; 

  • saving for retirement 
  • passive income 
  • children’s savings 
  • assets 
  • investments 

Educate Yourself 

Once you’ve come up with a plan or while you’re planning, education is key. You’d be surprised at how much financial information and help that you’ll find if you just look for it. Schools don’t want us to be great, so they don’t teach us financial management as a life skill. And for that reason, you’ve got to help ya damn self babygirl. Some resources I’m currently using to learn boutmy finances are; 

There are so many more, so it’s left to you to do your research and find which ones break all the jargon down for you best. When you begin educating yourself, you’ll have more motivational thoughts as well as tools to keep you going. Also, try creating a vision board and hanging inspirational canvases on the wall.

Dream a Little 

Before you can actually make financial freedom your reality, you’ve got to know why you want it. I for one, want it as a mother so that I have more time to spend with my son without life’s worries hanging over my head.It is so important to me that I’m able to wake up on a Monday morning and finger paint without worrying about a pressing deadline or starving if I miss out on a day’s work.

It is also key that he has options and is able to go to ivy league schools if he wants to, take a year out to travel if wanderlust kisses him, or start a business if that’s the direction his heart pulls him in. For me as a mother, financial freedom is about creating options for my family and I. Options that the broke community just doesn’t have.  

Having said that, think about how money could work for you and make your life easier as a mother and as a woman. What are your dreams and aspirations outside of being a mother and/or partner? Think about what your values and desires are and how money could help you satisfy them. Once you’ve been able to do this, it’s time to gather your motivational thoughts and devise an action plan.

What are your financial goals as a super butterfly mom? Share them with me and lets discuss ways we can make it happen below!