I feel the most alive when I am inspired. It is when I have written the most inspirational poems and done things I am the most proud of. During the 6 years of my depression, I struggled so much because I couldn’t find inspiration. It was like my drug, and without it, the withdrawal I suffered from crippled me. Now that I finally feel alive again, it is because I have found my inspiration, and I’ve discovered how to get it. I’m not saying that i don’t have days that I want to hit the restart button,but I am mastering how to control my day instead of letting it control me. On that note, here are four ways you can stay inspired every day.

Master Your Emotions 

Every single tip I’m going to give you to help you stay inspired every day is action-based. That means if you can’t get over ‘not feeling like it’ and get a hold of your emotions, you may never experience the magnificence called inspiration. 

The third book I read this year was Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work…and What Does, and it taught me so much about motivation and inspiration. The premises of the book is that all people are motivated, but while some are positively motivated, others are negatively motivated. In order to shift from negative motivation to positive, you’ve got to identify what’s creating the negative motive and get rid of that perspective. What I took from that, is if you can find a positive reason and purpose in everything you do, it’s easier to motivate yourself. I say once you can motivate yourself, you can inspire yourself too. 

To master your emotions, you’ve got to start by mastering your physical body. Working out transformed my life in ways that you can’t imagine and since I stopped a week ago, baby it’s been downhill. *Cries in back fat

Aside from working out and eating those veggies, try meditating and staying focused on your goals. Also, focus less on how you feel and more on how you want to feel by saying and thinking positive affirmations. Let’s keep it real, some days you’re going to fail woefully! But the better you get at it, the more you’ll win and the better your chances of living a life full of inspiration. 

Revisit Yout Goals

It’s so imperative that your goals are written down. When you have something to work towards, it helps reignite the fire in your bones. If you’ve got amazing goals floating around in your head but haven’t written them down, use this free goal template I created. You’ll also find a column for action points and affirmations to keep you on track.


Adults all over the world are telling white lies every day and saying they have no time to read. Whatthey’re really saying is that they don’t feel like it. The reality is that if you have time to catch up on TV, scroll your social media timeline, or faff around, you can read a couple of pages of a book. 

On days that I’m like “throw the day in the garbage and go back to bed”, something as simple as reading a few pages of a book gets me back on track. There is something about being able to focus, read a few positive words and acquire new knowledge that can help tame your mind and redirect your thoughts. 

Some of the best reads for me this year have been; 

• Man’s Search for Meaning 

• You Are a Badass 

• The Social Entrepreneur 

• Steal Like an Artist 

On days that I want to quit, I go back to my goals for the year and look how far I’ve come. I then realize I’ve got to keep going until I get to my destination snitches. 

Find a Song 

Although not everyone is a music head, there is magic in music. It has the ability to shift your mood as well as tap into emotions that you didn’t even know you had. Music can awaken sleeping memories, drown you in joy, or pick at half healed scabs. 

The point is, if you can find a song, you may be able to find the inspiration you’re looking for when you need it. Gospel is my thing, so I’m constantly on YouTube looking for new songs that will make me feel mind blowing things and help me write inspirational poems.  Some of my fave artists right now who have my eardrums on the verge of bursting are Chandler Moore, Travis Greene, and Anaysha Figueora. 


You don’t have to be a creative person to create stuff. And the beautiful thing about creating as that you could make anything from an atomic bomb to a cheetah shaped cupcake, and it all counts. On days where I feel empty or overly emotional, I paint what I feel and I’m always inspired by the time I finish. 

Creating is one of the keys to inspiration as it unlocks the God given creative power in you. We all have the gift of creating different things, so when you practice being creative, you start to uncover what your specific gift is. The end product can also leave you feeling like a pretty bad motha shut yo mouth. 

Inspiration is one of those things that we all want so badly but have no idea how to create. I think that all human beings are the truest versions of themselves when they’re inspired and it’s also when we feel the most alive. Although you won’t feel inspired all of the time because of the range of emotions humans feel, hopefully the tips above bring you close enough!