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The Naked Poet Talks Poems About Life

Welcome to my blog! This is a hub for people looking to wander aimfully and rebel creatively.

My name is Elizabeth Adeola Faremi and I’m a bohemian poet whose life mission is to break all of the rules. My primary conquest is freedom and I am willing to break every rule to attain it. Aside from being a rebel, daydreamer and butterfly, I’m also a decent poet, content writer, and the author of The Naked Butterfly.

For those who are wondering, The Naked Poet is a lifestyle blog for anyone looking for a little inspiration and trying to learn how to live a life of freedom. I explore different topics pertaining to life from a poetic point of view with the hopes of teaching people how to be free. You’re going to find content with an underlying theme of how to attain freedom in various areas of life. Some include relationships, your career, personal finance, as well as within yourself. Since I am a poet, you’re also going to find poems about life as well as other inspirational content in the creative corner.

The primary objective of this blog is to stir something inside of you that causes you to dig deeper on your journey to self-discovery. I want to inspire you to live a life absent of fear that is defined by who you are and what you want. My hope is to inspire you to live freely.

FYI, there are no rules on my blog aside from thinking outside of the box and challenging the status Quo. My hope is that after visiting my blog a few times over, you will leave weirder than when you came.

Feel free to follow me on this journey of uncovering life’s little mysteries and don’t forget to subscribe on the homepage for regular but of course not annoying updates!  I’ll be letting you know when there are new posts, sharing inspirational poems about life, and be giving away copies of my recently published book!

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