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The Naked Butterfly: Reflections and Inspirational Poems

I started writing poems when I was 16 years old. Shy and insecure, I didn’t know how to express my feelings vocally, so I wrote them down. I would write letters to my friends, crushes, and teenage lovers and document all of my feelings. My diaries were filled with some of my most sacred experiences through both sad and inspirational poems. Some of these included my first boyfriend, my first kiss, losing my virginity, as well as hating my mom and everything else under the sun.

The birth of poetry in my life occurred when I moved from Miami to London at the age of 16. Having been in the middle of an environmental and emotional transition, I had no other outlet. This said outlet I found in the written word was the beginning of a collection of poems that would fill the pages of my book ‘The Naked Butterfly‘.

What’s the Book About?

The Naked Butterfly is a creative nonfiction narrative that will take you on my journey to discovering and defining my self-identity. Through sharing my turbulent emotions, experiences and heartfelt reflections I focus on challenges relating to gender, sex, pain, self-identity, purpose, and relationships. The book explores the naïve hopes, persistent insecurities, and painful scars that many of us young women are forced to bear. Through a collage of inspirational poems about life, stories, and honest reflections, The Naked Butterfly carries you on a journey of battles that have been won and lost. It is essentially a non-fiction story about how I managed to carve my own identity despite all odds.

The video below further elaborates on what the book is about so feel free to watch if you want a better insight!

What Inspired The Naked Butterfly?

The Naked Poet, which is a book of inspirational poems and honest reflections was inspired by my desire to free myself through nakedness. As a result of my own experience, I desired to show women who are struggling with insecurities and scars that don’t seem to heal that it’s okay. Nakedness is an essential part of self-discovery and something to embrace, not be ashamed of.

What is the Purpose of This Book?

Writing this book was about pouring myself out. It was about giving myself permission to heal so that others could have the courage to heal as well. It is a way of me saying that I understand how you’re feeling in that prison and sitting with you there, even if for a moment. Through recounting painful experiences as well as inspirational poems, I want to show young women that I know what it means to be drowning and desperately in need of someone to tell you to keep swimming. I wrote this book understanding the woman who wants to put herself back together but hasn’t got a clue where all of the broken pieces have gone.

Through poems, I needed women to know that I understand the pain and loneliness that accompanies trying to find who you are. Seeing as I too have been eroded by the destructive pain of rejection, I wanted women everywhere to know that what is eroded can still be recovered.

Writing this book was about how I healed and how I’m still healing. I knew that by writing things that made my hands tremble as I wrote, I would somehow begin to heal. Deep down inside, I knew that the rawness of words that made tears burn through my eyes and penetrate my cheeks would heal me.

The ultimate purpose of this book is mental and emotional the liberation of myself and other women around the world. I want it to take women one step closer to freedom from fear, the judgment of others, and crippling insecurities.

Are There Only Poems Inside?

There are 5 chapters and 36 poems knitted in-between stories and reflections throughout each chapter. This makes it suitable for both the poetry lovers and those who aren’t big fans of poetry as well. You will find inspirational poems as well as ones that are melancholy and written from a place of pain. I hope you will find a few that speak to you personally and which you can call your own.

If you like the sound of the Naked Butterfly, You can buy my book on AmazonKindle, or Okada Books 


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